A Night To Remember

Forty years ago, I was a newly minted college graduate on my first training assignment away from home on my new job with a very conservative old-line corporation. I was making an effort to be careful with my after-hours behavior, when two attractive young women came in to my hotel's bar where I was enjoying a drink before dinner. They sat at the bar right next to me, so we began a conversation. I soon realized that the straight Scotch drinks I was enjoying would wipe me out if I didn't have dinner, so I invited them to join me. They declined, saying that they'd be there when I returned. Much to my surprise, they were not only still there, but some other guy had gotten them both pretty drunk by the time I had returned. I sat at the same bar stool as before, but they were both being entertained by the other man. By the time I'd ordered my second drink, the girl sitting next to me turned around to face me and said, "Aren't you even going to try?" Looking at her pretty face, her short skirt, her low-cut blouse, and her wedding ring, I was overwhelmed. But I said, "Sure!" She said, with somewhat slurred speech, that she wanted a man who could go more than once or twice. She wanted a man who could set her on fire and keep her there for hours at a time. I told her that I was her man! I had no idea whether I could do that, but I figured that, hey, after once or twice, I could blame the liquor and send her home. She hopped off her bar stool, leaving her girlfriend to the other guy, and hurried me down the corridor to my room where we stripped and jumped into bed together, wasting no time. She reminded me that she was looking for more than "once or twice" as I entered her after very little foreplay. The first and second times were great. But then, to my surprise, came the third, fourth, fifth, and I finally lost count of her orgasms. Finally, as she lay there looking all sweaty and bedraggled, her hair stuck to her face, she whispered, trying to catch her breath, "Enough!" She cleaned up, dressed, and left with a brief kiss and a "Thank you!" The next day, after work, there was a message from her saying that her husband had blocked her car in their driveway and she couldn't get out. I did see her one more time, but she was with a man and she seemed to be looking around the bar. I left undetected, but it looks like I'll never forget that night.

— Roger, 62

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