By The Lake

I divorced my first wife after a horrible marriage that ended with her getting pregnant by one of my friends. I quickly reconnected with my first girlfriend. We dated back in High School/College for four years before that relationship ended. During those four years, we made a decision not to have sex and generally had a pretty solid relationship. It had been fifteen years since the High School/College relationship and we both were fresh out of disastrous marriages that crashed and burned. Well, needless to say, we made up for lost time. We were like rabbits. She lived in another area, so it was a one and a half hour drive that I loved to make because we always got to business once I showed up. We went one day to a lake for a picnic and started rolling around in twelve inch high grass; we got naked out in public and made love in the broad daylight. Luckily, the lake was not densely populated and we were never caught. That love making in middle of the day in public was so intense, it's a miracle she didn't get pregnant. But, she didn't. Eventually, that relationship did end and we haven't seen each other since. But, I certainly have a warm spot in my heart for that lake.

— Ted, 28

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