I am a twenty-eight-year-old guy who met this girl a while back. My friend flew in from another state for a few days to attend a concert with me. I had an extra ticket, so he asked if he could invite this girl he knew who lived up in the area. I agreed because I couldn't see the ticket going to waste. This girl drove up and met us at my apartment. We all went to the concert together and drove back to my place afterwards. We stayed up late visiting, and she ended up staying the night. Nothing happened. She slept on my couch in the living room. When I got up the next morning, she had already left. She did leave a note inviting my friend and I down to her place later that day. We drove the hour and a half down and spent the day at her place. She was very clingy and wanted me with her the entire time. The concert happened on Friday night, and this was Saturday. When my friend and I left, she asked if she could keep in touch. So, I gave her my phone number. She called me several times a day from that point. On Monday, I was hearing through the grapevine that she was referring to me as her boyfriend. I thought this odd because I had only just met her and never even hinted towards a relationship. On Tuesday, I confronted her and, of course, she denied it. I then told her I didn't want to be in touch anymore. I just got a bad feeling about all of this. She proceeded to still call me (I never answered the phone, just let it go to voicemail). She was acting like nothing transpired and treated it like we were still connected. I then had my girlfriend up for a visit from out of state that next weekend. I did tell her all about this other girl and what was going on. On one of the nights she was there, this other girl called. So, my girlfriend answered the phone and told her I was busy and couldn't come to the phone. When asked if she could take a message, her response was "no." The next morning, she called saying that she was receiving harassing phone calls from my phone number and had notified the police. I was shocked because there were never any phone calls coming from my phone to this girl! I then started receiving emails from this girl telling me how devastated she was. I was dumbfounded because we had only just met and nothing ever happened between us. My girlfriend left, and then I went out of state to visit family for the holidays. While gone, I decided to check my messages at home. You can imagine my anger when one of the messages was from the police in her area about the phone calls. I assured the officer that I had no part of what was going on and that, in fact, I wasn't even in state. He felt that the accusations were unwarranted, and now everything has stopped. I am at a loss for what happened in this girl's head! This all happened within a week or so of having met her.

— Ryan, 28

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