International Encounter

My wife was on a business trip overseas to a conference for her company's international operations. These people who work together over email and conference calls only see each other once a year, so of course there is a lot of partying. I told her to enjoy it since she doesn't get this chance very often, and to loosen up since she tends to be a bit uptight at company functions. Last night, she called me and told me what had happened to her the night before (it was morning where she was). The group had gone to the rooftop hotel bar after their presentations, and were having dinner and drinks well into the night. One man, a German, was flirting with her all trip, and had bought her several drinks that night, too. My wife was wearing tights and a tank top with a light sweater covering the skin, since she was in the middle east. The German got friendlier and friendlier over the course of the night and, as some of the group went their separate ways, six of them stayed in the bar. At this point, he put his hands on my wife and told her how attracted he was to her body. My wife was fairly drunk by this time, and let him grope her as she stood next to his barstool. She told me that when his hands squeezed her rear, she could feel her excitement begin to build. She told him that she liked his hands on her, and put her hand on his shoulder, too. She finished her drink and slid one hand inside his shirt to feel his muscular chest, and his hand felt her chest, too. Because she was already drunk and excited, she pleasured him. After she told me this story, I told her I wanted her to find him tonight and this time, to take a picture of her with him. I love the idea of my wife pleasuring this German man!

— Ted, 42

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