Swinging Couple

My wife and I have been married now for almost seven years. We are a perfect match at many levels including personality, looks, and sexually. We have a great sex life. I'm in my late forties, and she is in her early forties. There is a seven-year difference in our ages. So, that can turn into a generation difference as well sometimes. The girls I knew growing up were not as sexually open as she is, or at least they never displayed it like she does! When she and I were just dating, she told me she had some bisexual experiences as a teen. I was like, "Say what?" I had never in my life had a woman, or anyone for that matter, tell me she was bi or had bisexual experiences. I was thinking right then, "I am such a lucky, lucky guy!" Well, the whole time we dated, we tossed around the idea of me seeing her with another woman. She wasn't one to want to share me with anyone, and the only "safe" female that we knew of at the time wanted to experience the guy as well. So, she and that situation were not happening then. I say "then" because after we married, she was with another woman, and it has happened several times afterwards. The best time for her and me was on a vacation to Florida with just the two of us. I had found a couple near where we were going to stay that agreed to meet us at a local bar for drinks and conversation. All knew ahead of time that if all agreed, we would head back to our condo for some "adult fun". Well, the other woman was very sexy, and my wife was attracted to her. She was to my wife also. Well, after a while of getting to better know each other, we headed back to our condo for the next step. The ladies flirted and played back and forth with each other briefly. Then they headed to the bathroom to get into the large Jacuzzi tub. We guys got sent to the living room to let the ladies have their private time. My wife told me later that they had a great time enjoying each other's bodies. Then, after I peeked into the bedroom where they ultimately ended up, I said, "Hey ya'll, come show us guys what you have been doing." Well, they came out and gave us guys a good show. It was awesome. After that trip, she and I did some swinging at home, but decided that it was always better just with her and me. I would agree with her completely. Even though we had some fun and interesting experiences, the best sex we ever had was always just she and I alone.

— Raymond, 49

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