Get Her Outta Here!

Hi all! Just want to indulge you in an incident that I was involved in about five months ago. I am a college student in Boston, and I love going to bars and clubs. Quite often I find myself in a drunken stupor after going to such bars and clubs. Well, one night I happened to see a girl from one of my classes. She was with a bunch of her friends as was I. I didn't want her to see me the way I was because I always had a crush on her. Anyway, after the club, my friends and I went back to her apartment which was about two blocks from the club we were at. There we continued to drink until the early hours of the morning. At about 4:00 a.m., there were a few people still awake. So, my friend, the girl from my class, and I went into the bathroom to do some shots. I don't know if it was the alcohol or just the atmosphere, but the next thing I knew my friend was massaging my neck, and I was loving it! I've never even thought of having a homosexual experience, but I started to get aroused! I started hooking up with him right then and there. She just watched for a little while until we started having anal sex. Then she wanted to get involved. It figures, right? Well, I didn't want anything to do with her because I liked the way anal sex felt with my guy friend. So, I pushed her out of the way and continued. Needless to say, I had a tough time showing my face around campus after that!

— Sonny, 24

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