Coach's Hot Wife

During my last year in high school, I had a wrestling coach, Mr. Peterson, who had one of the most gorgeous wives I have ever seen. You are probably wondering how old she was. She was the mature age of forty-one. She was so pretty that I would fantasize about her in my Algebra class, as she would help students in that class of lesser ability. I had missed a test one day and was told to go with Mrs. Peterson to make up the test. I couldn't make it during school, so Coach Peterson released me from practice to make up the test with his wife. We sat on the couch by her desk discussing the test as a review before the actual thing. I was getting excited. She could visibly notice it but did not comment on it. Then, while she was facing away from the door, her daughter walked in to tell her that she would ride the bus home. When her daughter came in, I turned around and looked at her, but at the same time I was rubbing Mrs. Peterson's thigh. She sort of tensed up a bit. After talking with her daughter, she then got up and locked the door. We were both hot. So, I took the liberty of putting one of the couch pillows on the floor in front of me. Mrs. Peterson came back, saw the pillow, and knew what we both wanted. She kneeled on the pillow and gave me the most satisfying experience of my life. I picked one of my classes this semester to be her teaching assistant. Thankfully, I can say that some things never change.

— Jeremy, 19

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