Wife In Control

Ever since we got married, my wife has been in control. She took away all my male undies and makes me wear only woman's panties. The other day, I was working in the yard and needed to go pee very bad. I walked into the garage to go in the house and she met me at the door. She told me I wasn't coming in the house as dirty as I was. I told her I really needed to go pee and she told me to wet my pants. I was already so desperate that I couldn't hold it and flooded my panties. When I was done, she told me to strip and go shower. As I walked by her with just my drenched panties, which were now see through, she commented how obvious it was that I had enjoyed it. She smacked my soggy bottom and told me I was a little sissy boy. After I finished showering, she pushed my down on the bed and we had sex. When we finished, she told me I was in for it. She pulled out a diaper and plastic panties and put them on me. "If you are going to wet the bed and wet your pants like a little boy, then I guess you need to wear diapers!" she informed me. I was secretly thrilled to be diapered again. I had been a bed wetter most of my life and had been made to wear diapers frequently. This was several months ago and I am not allowed to go potty when I am home, but to use my panties instead. I am then diapered and told what little sissy baby I am. My wife loves how excited this makes me and takes full advantage of it. Life is very good these days.

— Will, 26

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