Every Morning And Every Night

For the past month or so, I have put a bra on every morning and every night. I have it on right now. It's a pink 38-C padded demi push up and I almost fill it out with my "male breasts." By putting foam push up pads in it, it really fills me out and I love the look and feel of my "breasts." I wish they were real size 38-Cs firm and fully packed! I have been putting bras on since I was a teenager and love it. Since I live alone, I can dress up any time I want to and I do. Sometimes I go all the way; bra, matching panties, nylons, sheer or fishnet, and a babydoll. I love to admire myself in every mirror in the house. In my opinion, I look so sexy and love it!

— Joshua, 69

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