Vintage Nighties

I must confess, my twin brother and I are very close. The other night, he rang me to say he had a surprise to show me. He wanted me to come over a.s.a.p., so I did. He took me into his room to show me he had acquired an array of vintage nylon nighties and peignoirs, in various shades and styles which we both loved. Then he started to strip and get into them; I then followed. Boy, we both felt pretty sexy in these layers of nylon. The one he had on had so many long nylon ribbons in the front and coming off the shoulders that we counted them and tied them into sexy bows; eight long ribbons off his shoulders and fourteen in the front. So with all these long nylon ribbons and bows, it just looked fantastic. It was even better with negligee on, too. We danced around and played with ourselves through all the layers of nylon, chiffon, ribbons, and bows. We also have a very sexy sister and we are going to show her when we build up the courage.

— Addison, 24

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