My wife and I were constantly arguing about me helping with the laundry duty. I ignored her requests and nagging. When none of my underwear were clean and ready, she handed me a pair pink panties to wear. I put them on and went out; I liked how they felt. My wife saw the reaction I was getting from wearing them and teased me a little. Later on when we arrived back home, she insisted I put the matching bra on. She then started yelling at me and calling me a little girl, and poking fun for me getting excited from wearing her panties. She took me over her knee and spanked me with a paddle until I was almost crying. She laid down the law to me; she said I could wear her bras and panties from now on as long as I did my share of the laundry. Now, whenever she gets mad with me, I get spanked and put in panties. The other night, she made me wear her floral bra and panties in front of her older sister while they took turns spanking me. I was humiliated, but I love it!

— Toby, 26

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