Quite The Number

About twenty years ago, the bank I was working for transferred me two hundred miles away to another location. My wife and family stayed in the original location, as the kids were in school and I had not purchased a new home to live in at the new location. After I was there at the new location for about three weeks, the note teller came over to my desk one day and was asking about a computation procedure. As she was talking and I was explaining, she put a large wood screw on my desk and winked. After work, she stayed behind and asked me if I wanted a number done on me. She did the job, and for the next eight months, every Wednesday after work she did the same thing. She said she was married but that her husband was very over weight, and she now only did the number on us both. She satisfied herself while she was doing the number. Nine months later, she was transferred out to another office and I never saw her again. Wow! I will never forget her and how thankful I was for that time each Wednesday.

— Ivan, 52

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