Co-Worker Fun

I work in a small office. For years, I have had a major crush on my co-worker. We are both happily married, but for some reason neither of us get much action from our spouses. As the years went by, we began discussing fetishes and past sexual experiences. I would always get excited every time I saw her. There has always been a rumor that our boss keeps some of his girlfriend's panties hidden in various places in the office. While he was away on vacation, we decided to search for them. It was then that I confessed to her how I love panties. The phone rang and I went to answer it. She came into my office carrying a pair of panties that she "found." She would only let me hold them if I played with them in front of her. She started to look excited and confessed that they were her panties! She hadn't received oral in over fifteen years she said. Never have I seen clothes come off so fast. She is beautiful with huge breasts. We continue to work together and as soon as we are alone, no work gets done. She now has me wearing her thigh high stockings and panties while she pleasures me.

— Vincent, 46

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