Best Friend In College

I slept with lots of girls in grad school. I did it with my best friend. Both straight, attractive jock types. We both had girl friends. We used to run or cross-country ski together every day. Both thin, both blue eyes, both light hair. So? Well, one day, we had gone fly fishing (I was teaching him) and ended up going skinny-dipping. We got back too late for the dining hall, so we went out to dinner and had some beers. We ended up back in his dorm room talking. I should say that the only prior lead-up was that we would sometimes read Penthouse letters to each other and laugh at all the weird people in the world. Everyone thought we looked like brothers. Friends used to refer to us as the "inseparable duo" because we went on road trips together, ran or skied together every day, ate together, and sometimes drank too much together. We had discussed just about everything you could in life, including sex and size. I had even measured mine with a piece of paper (length and circumference), and gave the piece of paper to him. He later told me we were twins, meaning he had measured his, too. I realize that sounds a bit strange for two straight guys, but it's true. Oh, I should add that he had been on the swim team and had been the "social chairman" for one of the fraternities. Anyway, he asked for a massage, which was fine, until he rolled over in his boxers.

— Vincent, 53

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