Adult Theater

I'd been to the adult theater many times, always picking up porn movies. One time, I did go into a room and watch a movie and, while in there, pleasured some guy. I'd had my hands on a few guys before, but always knew the person. Doing someone and not knowing who they were made things better. I'd also been done a few times, but there again, knew who was doing it. After that guy, it got me to thinking. The next time I went, I took a room, started a movie, and in a few seconds someone was at the hole. I quickly let him know I wanted more and we had fun. When he was done, I said thanks, and cleaned up. I thought I heard him leave that room, so I waited a few moments, and then walked out. Just as I did, he came out, and to my surprise and embarrassment, saw that he was my supervisor from work. He got a big grin on his face and said, "Next time you need something, come over to my place. I can make it lots better."

— Tony, 23

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