How Could I Refuse?

A few years ago, I took my wife and daughter to the out-of-town wedding of an old school chum's daughter. My wife and I had not been getting along since she got pregnant with my daughter. It seems she only married me for the security I offered and to have a baby. We only knew a few people at the wedding and ended up at the reception sitting at a table with strangers. Two of these people were girlfriends of the bride whose boyfriends went to play golf instead of going to the wedding. After dinner, my wife took our daughter back to the hotel next door as she said they were both tired but that I was to stay as long as I wanted. After a short while, everyone at our table left except the two young ladies and I. The two girls wanted to dance, and there were no single men, so they asked me. These two girls were twenty years younger than I and were wearing short, off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses. I was getting pretty excited dancing with them and having a few drinks. They started acting real cozy. As the reception ended, they asked me to walk them back to the hotel as they were staying at the same place I was. In the elevator, they asked me to come to their room for a nightcap. How could I refuse these two shapely girls since I hadn't had sex in about two years? After they made us some drinks, they excused themselves to use the bathroom. I sat there on their bed wondering where this was leading and listening to them laughing and talking in the bathroom. They came out of the bathroom without their dresses and were wearing only undergarments. They told me they had planned to have some fun with their boyfriends, but since the guys wanted to play golf, they wanted to have some fun with me. They started kissing each other and fell on the other bed. After they played with each other, they asked how I liked the show. I was speechless and only nodded my head yes. They both motioned me to come over to them. They then proceeded to strip off my clothes and take turns giving me oral. We had wild sex for a couple of hours doing things I had only dreamed of. By midnight, I was worn out and had to go back to my room. I never did learn who they were, but I ended up getting divorced shortly after.

— Simon, 59

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