Taking Care of My Wife

My wife has had an obvious crush on a single male friend for years. She has mentioned his name several times while we were having sex. On a recent visit by our friend, I decided to see how serious her crush was. I told our friend that my wife finds him hot and that I know she fantasizes about him when we have sex. He seemed flattered, and I let him know that if he wanted to have sex with her, I would be okay with that. I went to the store to get some wine, and told them both to "behave." My wife said they certainly would. But, when I got home, the house was quiet. I went to the guest room and saw my wife giving our friend oral pleasure. They didn't see me standing in the doorway. Soon, they were having full on sex, and obviously both were enjoying themselves. After he finished, I couldn't stand it anymore and came into the bedroom. I gave my wife oral to completion, enjoying myself. When I finished, our friend was ready again, as was I. We gave each other oral, and then proceeded to both have sex with my wife several more times. I'm turned on just thinking about this!

— Ben, 50

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