I was a bad girl once by my wife's standards. As punishment, she ordered me into the bathtub and to shave all of my body hair and made fun of me as I did it. She made me shave everything. She was also taping it. I secretly loved it and wanted to do this more. She made me confess my true submissive and feminine thoughts and feelings. I felt so excited by confessing these sexy secrets. I told her I loved wearing her panties, sexy lingerie, stockings, brassieres, and teddy. I love the way it makes me feel; so sexy, naughty, and feminine. She made me up like sexy, flirty girl and made me pose, strut, and flirt with the camera. "Prance about!" she said. "Strut, you sexy, flirty, naughty woman." What a turn on.

— David, 35

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