I am sixty-six years old and my neighbor's wife is sixty-two and built like a brick house. She has a gorgeous body; I sometimes run into her at the gym and I know she notices how I look at her in her gym suit. One morning, I was leaving for my office and my wife had already left on her errands. She was out in her driveway bending to get the morning paper, wearing short shorts and a tee shirt. I just stood there looking at that butt! When she raised herself up, she noticed me watching her and said, "Good morning, neighbor. Would you like some more coffee?" I immediately said yes and walked right over to the door she was holding open for me. She said to me, "Boy do you look handsome today; trying to impress a client?" "No, but I sure wish I impressed you," I replied and she laughed. She then said, "You impressed me a long time ago. My husband left yesterday on a trip and won't be back till tomorrow; how about us getting to know each other?" She proceeded to take off her shorts and tee shirt, and I was undressed in two seconds. We made passionate love right on her family room couch. Then, she said, "Why don't you take your car and park it at the parking lot nearby and I will pick you up and drive you back here. Enter through my garage and you can make love to me all day." I ended up having more sex and the best sex of my life! We need to be with each other every week and she has become a regular at my house. My wife adores her. Even when her husband is home, she sends him on errands so she can have a quickie. She even told me that she is working on my wife to have a threesome with me and that she is making headway. I told her it would be great if we could have a wild party and push my wife to do her husband. She said if I throw pool party, she will strip and make my wife do so. We will let what happens happen! What a great life!

— Ed, 66

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