Too Confusing

I can't stand It anymore; my mother-in-law is so hot to me and it drives me crazy to know what she wants and her husband isn't doing a good job. I wish there was a way to say it without saying it when her husband leaves for work. Mind you, he is only a few years older than me, with her being fifty. She has a great body and she always compliments me and jokes around with me about sexual things. I'm just too nervous to express my feelings for her. Sometimes, she tells me that her husband's sex is very short and non-passionate and I feel like she's throwing me hints because she knows he's too dumb to catch it, but I just can't be sure. It's torture to me because she often wears sexy panties or just a bra and panties around me and I swear she has the nicest ass I've ever seen on a fifty year old woman's body. She's even told her daughter, who is my soon-to-be ex-wife, that she's had dreams about me, while she was sitting next to her husband! Now what does that seem like? It's just too confusing. I wish she would just make a move already. I mean, It's almost like it's meant to be; every time her son goes to work and her husband leaves shortly after, it's just us all night and I know she has to be lonely. Will she ever make a move? Who knows? Will I? I doubt it, but guess we'll just have to see what the future holds.

— Javion, 31

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