Well-Dressed Older Woman

When I was a teenager, I lived in a small town in the UK. I used to walk to work and usually saw this woman who was about forty. She was on her way to open a shop she owned. She was always well turned out with smart skirt/stockings, high heels, and superb legs. I was never shy, so I got talking to her. To cut a long story short, I arranged to go to Blackpool with her for a day out. She borrowed her husband's car. We had a great time on the fun fair where I managed to get a feel while riding the roller coaster. On the way home as it started to get dark, I slid my hand on to her leg. She did not stop me, so I went further up to her stocking top and on to her fanny. She pulled into a lay by, and we got into the back. I removed her clothes. She looked fantastic. I soon had my pants off. We then had sex. We cleaned up, and she dropped me off. This was only the beginning. We had sex in her shop, in her house, and in the woods. She was delighted when she found out she was pregnant. So was her husband. They had been trying for years. I moved away from the area, and then I got married. My wife and I have moved back to the same town. I saw the other lady, who is now sixty-five, and she still looks good.

— Bartholomew, 44

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