Being Seen Naked

I had just finished my workout and was stripping down for a shower. I live with my best buddy from high school. I lowered my shorts and pulled my jock down and was peeling off my sweaty socks when my buddy walked in and saw me completely naked. He just smirked and then started talking like everything was normal. He had never seen me naked before. I was embarrassed, but I liked him looking at me with no clothes on. I sat down on the bed and leaned back so he could get a good look. He came over and sat next to me; he kept looking at me while we talked. I was getting excited that he was seeing me completely naked for the first time. Then he grabbed me and said, "Looks like you better take care of that," and just laughed. He got up, but as he was leaving, he said maybe next time we could "help each other out."

— Carson, 35

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