A short while ago, I was dressed up in seven in heels, garter stockings, and a mini skirt. I was feeling very nice. I was about to put on my breast forms when my wife came home early. I quickly tried to change out, but she caught me. She was so surprised, she did not know what to say. I quickly changed and tried to pretend it did not happen. A short time later, I was again dressing up when she came back early, but this time with her younger sister. They quietly came in, trying to catch me. I was in my heels, bra, and panties. I was shocked, when I came around the corner, to see my sister-in-law. She simply smiled as she reached out to grab me. My wife started videotaping us, saying, "You will finish after we get back from shopping." Next thing I know, we are at the mall trying on high heel shoes; I am dressed as a woman and my sister-in-law is periodically flashing me. Can't wait until we get to go shopping again.

— Greg, 45

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