Marketing Tools

I was having some trouble with my sprinkler system, so I called someone I saw advertised in the local paper. When that person came out, I was shocked. It was a rather attractive young lady about five feet five inches tall with enormous breasts. She was rather slender with a tight T shirt and I could see a lot. I could not keep my eyes off her chest and she was aware of my fixation on her breasts. She thrust her chest out and I looked at her and told her she has a dynamite marketing tool, or should I say, "Marketing tools." She repaired the sprinkler problem and I invited her in for a drink. After about a half hour I asked her if she wanted to take a shower and clean up. We both wound up in the shower and I got the most fantastic afternoon. There was a physical attraction from the start and we both went for it with total gusto. We have been dating now for over a month and the sex is absolutely fantastic! I am enamored by the size of her breasts; they are just unbelievable. Wow.

— Jeremy, 27

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