Wearing Panties

I have been wearing panties since I was young. I used to wear my mother's panties and slips when I was home alone every chance I got. When I moved out after college, I would buy my own panties. I would go first thing in the morning when there were not a lot of people around. I love thongs. I am now fifty-eight years old and still wear panties when my wife is not home, however she suspects I wear them. I used to buy them online and say that they were for her, but she does not wear thongs any more. There is a separate drawer with just panties and there are about fifty pair. I will never stop wearing them as I love the silky feel and material. I also like lace and anything that makes me look feminine. I am straight and never had a same sex affair. I also wear her night gowns and bras when she is not home.

— Don, 58

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