Wife and Friends

I had been wearing a bra for a number of years before my wife caught me wearing one. Instead of kicking me out, she said to me that I must want to have breasts. I decided that there was no sense to try to hide it, so I told her yes. She put me on hormones the next morning. I was in heaven. A few months later, I had noticeable growth on my chest and filled out an A cup bra completely. Then, one day she told me it was time for me to make use of my chest. She had some bi-sexual girlfriends that wanted to see my chest. It was not long before I was a maid when the girls played cards. I had to wear a bra, panties, and a nightie to serve them whatever they asked me to. By that time, I was feeling more fem than male and, much to my wife surprise, I was enjoying it very much.

— Bruce, 61

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