Showing Off My Wife

I have a beautiful wife and have had several opportunities to show her off. First off, let me say when she gives oral, it is like she can't help herself. I was telling a friend about how she loved it, and he got real excited. He said to me, "I would love to have her do me." I told him I had tried to get her with a threesome, however she would never do it. So I asked him if he would like to watch. I told him we have very sheer curtains in our bedroom, and we planned it that way. I called him the night we were going to have sex, as I know how to read her, so he came over and got to see the whole experience. I was so excited just knowing that he would be there watching. He told me later that he couldn't believe how much passion she had. I have since moved, but have not found another friend to do that with.

— Brian, 58

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