Loud and Noisy Sex

About a month ago, I went to New York on business. One of the business associates was really sexy and had the biggest boobs I have ever seen. I soon started to impress her. I wore tighter pants, which made my already huge penis look even bigger. My member is about twelve inches long. My package even makes ME horny. Anyway, one day the company had a pool party. This was the one day to impress her the most. I bought a very snug Speedo and packed my humongous penis into the Speedo. I looked so sexy. When she saw me, she almost fell to her knees. She then asked me to come to the dressing room with her. There, she gave me oral, and then we had wild and crazy sex for ten hours. I was so loud hat everyone could hear us. I made loud moaning noises that were incredibly sexy. She loved them. Now we have sex ten times a day!

— Mason, 30

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