Accidental Girlfriend Exposure

When I was twenty, I had long known how much I enjoyed looking up skirts and the variety of things you would see in the late 60's and early 70's. But, my girlfriend was for me and I didn't want to share. At the time, I was living with a lady ten years my senior. Her morning routine was to put her dress on a chair in the living room and walk about in her bra panties and pantyhose. Her house had an extremely private back yard with woods all around. When the weather allowed, she would go on the patio in the backyard and have her coffee and smoke a cigarette. One morning, she came in with her face flushed almost crying saying there was a whole group of men working in the woods whom she didn't notice for several minutes. I was instantly excited and we had sex. I have enjoyed my woman being exposed ever since. I have been married now for almost thirty-eight years. Men, we must expose our wives to each other more often, even as they age.

— Carl, 62

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