I tell my girlfriend I work two jobs but I actually don't. I use my "two ten hour shifts four days a week" to get away from her overbearing, clingy, and obsessed self. I've hooked up twice with girls from an online site. I'm twenty-three and still have the hormones of a boy. My girlfriend is thirty-two and, while she claims to really love and enjoy sex, refuses to give it up more than three times a month. I'm not justifying; I just wasn't turning down a nineteen year old redhead with a body that didn't quit, or a twenty-two year old blonde chick with large breasts. Both were the kind of females who you could pick up and have sex with. My girlfriend is overweight while I'm fit from my firefighting and military training. I get that it's wrong to cheat, but there is an exception: If you feel like you'll regret not doing it the rest of your life, then do it. Otherwise don't. That's my philosophy. The only thing is, I cheated a third time with her sister. But come on, if I hadn't had sex with her sister, I would have been out of my mind. Her sister is one of those women that you just can't resist staring at even if your girlfriend is miming killing you in your peripheral. I feel better getting that out. Now I just need to tell her we don't have as much money as she thinks we do and that I cheated on her.

— Anderson, 23

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