Many Sexual Fantasies

I've been going swimming at the local YMCA for a few months now. Well, anyway, there are a couple really hot girls named Beth and Samantha who work at the front desk in the lobby. I love talking to them. I've had many sexual fantasies about them. I've imagined them swimming in the pool and taking showers in the locker room. One day after I finished swimming, I came out of the pool to go to the men's locker room to take a shower and change. As I walked by the window between the pool room and the lobby area, I saw Beth and Samantha smiling and waving at me. I stopped to smile and wave back. Then I went into the men's locker room. While I was in the private shower, I masturbated to the thought of taking a shower with Beth and Samantha. I imagined myself washing their wet naked bodies and having them wash mine. Since I have a hair fetish, I loved the thought of their wet, slicked-back hair, too. It felt so good.

— Ricardo, 21

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