Tank Top Terrie

My next door neighbor, Terrie, is a woman in her mid to late forties. She is extremely attractive and I kind of fantasize about having sex with her. She always wears tank tops and they look really delicious on her. You see, Terrie has a rather impressive chest. I would estimate her cup size at more than a full D. The other day, she was out working in her garden when I just happened to stop by and chat. I could not help but notice how much of her breast tissue was hanging out of the tank top. She was sitting on a small stool and bent over slightly. The down blouse view of her breasts was something to die for. I told her how good she looked in her tank top. She smiled and told me she never wears a brassiere and she likes how the tank tops allow her breasts to move. I agreed with her and then asked her if she'd like to come over to my house for a swim in my pool. She then asked me if she could swim topless, only wearing her bikini panties. I smiled and took her hand. We went for a swim and then had some real serious fun in my bedroom.

— Dave, 24

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