Breast Reduction

My new girlfriend's mother is scheduling breast reduction surgery in a few weeks. She is actually getting a double mastectomy. She has enormous breasts and told me they are extremely uncomfortable. Each breast weighs over twenty pounds and she must wear custom made brassieres. She is tired of the pain and discomfort these breasts bring and she therefore decided to have both of them removed. She said she would wear a prosthetic bra which has breast inserts that look, feel and act like the real thing, but are much lighter in weight. One thing she let me do was touch her breasts one last time, and I tell you, these things are awesome. I have never in my life seen breasts this large. I will miss them, but I can sympathize with her plight. One thing I did was ask her is if she would give me her old brassieres because these things are something I would love to have.

— Shan, 23

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