Wife's Affair

My wife has had three affairs that I know about. The last one almost ended our marriage. Now, she doesn't like to talk about them. The one was with a neighbor which caused them to move away. The second one was with a coworker ten years her junior. I actually encouraged her to enjoy herself with this guy because I got to watch them from a closet while they had sex. What fun that was. I think that one lasted longer than she led me to believe. The third one almost ended our marriage. Again, another coworker. She actually fell in love with this guy, left me, and filed for divorce. I don't know what happened, but four months later, she wanted to come home. I think she got dumped. But, I never stopped loving her. We used to have so much fun with her in short skirts and flashing. We did all kinds of crazy and sexy things. But now, she acts like none of this ever happened. I would give anything for my wife to flash a trucker or wear skirt in a restaurant and show her panties. But, I guess now I have to live with a prude.

— Ethan, 60

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