Costume Party

My wife and I were invited to a costume party and we both decided to go as ladies of the night. I had never worn any female garments before, but once I slipped on the panties and stockings, there was a sensation that swept over my body like nothing I have ever felt before. I immediately went into a heightened state and it got worse the more I put on. The brassiere, the garter belt, the mini skirt. My wife suggested that she pleasure me to settle me down. She did and it really did not help much. More from her and I was somewhat okay. I told her I should wear a jock to help hide my excitement. Once we got to the party, I was again feeling excitement. I was actually enjoying this dress-up routine. I told my wife I enjoy wearing women's clothes and she smiled and said I look good in heels and stockings. It felt good, really good, and the feelings I got were awesome. I think I am now hooked on transvestite behavior. I love wearing ladies' clothes. The bra, panties, garter belt, and nylons. Everything makes me feel terrific.

— Shawn, 28

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