Hooked on Nylon

We were having a particularly cold spell and I complained to my wife that my legs got cold in my suit. She suggested I wear a pair of her pantyhose under my suit. I didn't like that idea, but I was so cold, I thought I'd try it. When my wife saw me, she said I looked terrible. My boxer shorts were all bunched up under the stockings and it showed through my suit pants. I have only boxers, so she gave me a pair of her panties. I slid them on and pulled on the stockings. What a feeling! The nylon panties and stockings rubbed my package with each step. I was warm that day, so I wore them again the next day. A couple days later, as I was getting panties from her drawer, I saw a thong, and thought I would try it. It escalated the wonderful feeling. When my wife patted me on my backside, she stopped and asked if I was wearing a thong. I said yes, and that I liked it. She made me show her. I became excited as she looked me over. She smiled and said she will take care of me after work! It's going to be a long day at work, waiting for our playtime.

— Will, 33

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