I Love Panties

I've always been fascinated with panties. I have worn and played with my wife's, but when I can get my hand on other ladies' panties, it is a thrill at another level altogether. Years ago, I went to a party with a friend that ended quite late. When we got back to his house where my car was, I was in no shape to drive and he suggested I spend the night. His wife and daughter were gone that night, so when given a choice between the guest bedroom and his daughter's bedroom, I choose the latter. I had met her before; she was nineteen at the time and a real looker. It was time for bed, but first I went through her dresser and found a perfect pair of bikini briefs with a yellow and orange flower design to play with. I stripped naked, slipped them on, and did it right there in her bed. When I finished, I put them back where I found them and slept the night naked in her bed. I have wondered a few times since I did this if she might have noticed they didn't fit her as well as they once did. She was petite and I was a forty-year-old grown man; not fat, but definitely had to stretch them over my butt (where there's a will, there's a way). I've never told this to anyone till now and I admit I have felt a little guilty at times, but given the chance to do something similar again, I'm sure I would go for it. I have a nice black lace on right now while I am reliving this.

— Ian, 52

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