Weight Loss

I quit smoking about ten years ago. Since then, I have gained quite a lot of weight. I went on a diet and exercise program about a year ago and I lost all of the weight and then some. The one problem I am having is that I did not lose much weight from my chest area. In fact, I have rather visible breasts. I am probably close to a full B and maybe even a C cup. It is very, very noticeable. I don't go out with my shirt off at all and I have started to wear a bandeau bra to help conceal my breasts. When I went to my doctor to discuss my problem, she told me I have very beautiful breasts and she wish that hers looked like mine. I was shocked by her response. I was further startled when she removed her blouse and brassiere and asked me to have intercourse with her. But, the problem with my breasts was not addressed. She referred me to a plastic surgeon for more professional help.

— Elliot, 53

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