Diapered by Wife

I just returned home from a long business trip on the red eye. I was exhausted because I didn't sleep on the plane. My wife told me to go to bed and take a nap while she unpacked, and that she would come wake me in a while. I was so tired that I went in and fell asleep in minutes. Later, when my wife woke me up, she noticed that I was soaked. She looked at the huge wet stain on the bed and told me I was little bed wetter boy and I needed to be put back in diapers. I was stunned, but didn't complain because I did wet the bed again and didn't want to upset her any more than she already was (this usually happens several times a month). She went out to the local store and got some disposable diapers and plastic panties and when she got home, proceeded to diaper me. I was told I would be diapered from now on when I was home. She also told me that I had left my computer open to this web site and she had read many stories about other wives who diapered their husbands for bed wetting or just for control of them. She exclaimed that there were probably many others who were afraid to tell their stories of being diapered and that she thought like other women that all men were just babies who needed to be put back in diapers and plastic panties. She said she would be curious as to just how many others there really were.

— Larry, 59

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