Tennis Tryouts

My name is Andrew. I am now a twenty-seven-year-old man. My love confession takes place when I was nineteen years old. I went to my local sports center to try out for one of their tennis summer leagues. I was tested by a cute lady with a really great body. The lady who tried me out was really angry at me because I thought that the serve was not the most important part of the game, and she did. So, I didn't pass that one, but I retook it with a different instructor. I passed that time. So, when I was taking the league course, I was the only guy in the course, and guess who the instructor was? That angry lady! So, as the league went on, I started to get on her good side. Then, one day, she asked for me to come by again the next day for a tryout to go to a higher level. So, I went, and no one was there. So, there was this shed full of tennis supplies next to the courts. It was about as big a school classroom. It was also that angry lady's office. So, I went inside to find her in a bra and panties. Now, I was not a muscular guy. I was 5' 3'' and about a hundred pounds. I was then in my tennis clothes. She was in a bra and a thong. She then went around me and locked the door. Then she said that she was interested in small guys and that I really turned her on. So then, I had my first time. It was great. We did about every position possible. This continued on for the rest of the summer league. Everyday after class, we would do it. Then the action started happening when I was asked by her to come over to her house and sleep over. I told everyone I was going to a guy friend's house, but went to hers instead. And guess what? She invited one of her friends, and she had a bubble-butt and E-cup boobs! Those two controlled me for the rest of the night. This affair continued until she moved. Oh, how I miss her.

— Andrew, 27

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