Nothing To Talk About

So, I had just started dating this girl, and we were getting pretty hot and heavy pretty fast. One night while watching TV on her couch, I had my hand on her knee, and she was leaning backwards on me watching TV. Well, she kept moving around to get comfortable and would open her legs a little bit every time she did. Well, due to gravity and my lack of holding my arm up, my hand slowly fell down further between her legs every time she did this. But she kept doing it, and eventually my hand was just sitting on top of her private area. We both pretended like we didn't notice. Well, after a few minutes of her looking like she was asleep (although I knew otherwise because every time my hand moved over her leg she would flinch a bit). I slowly rubbed her, just barely moving my hand. She then turned around and looked me in the eye as I unbuttoned her pants and slowly began putting my hand down there. She looked at me and said, "I think we should talk about this before we do something we are going to regret later." I knew she was right, but I was so horny I didn't want to stop. So, I told her there was nothing to talk about. I then said that I knew she wanted it, to which she slightly moaned. I took that moan as a yes and began sliding my hand down her panties. After she was done, I kissed her goodbye and left. I immediately went back to my apartment and masturbated.

— Glenn, 20

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