Summer Lovers

My wife and I moved into a home with a pool in a nice area last fall. Our neighbors were a nice, middle-aged professional couple with a daughter away at college. As a real estate professional, mornings were always pretty useless for making money. Usually, during the mornings I would stay home and get in a workout, a swim, and use the time for planning and phone calls. My real day's work was actually from about noon to 8:00 p.m. My wife had a regular profession and worked 9:00 - 5:00. Our neighbor's daughter, Ethel, came home at the beginning of summer. What a knockout! She was blonde, thin, and had a great figure. But, then I am a married man and my wife is a knockout also. One morning I was doing my usual routine when I heard a lawnmower going next door. I finished my swim and realized that my cell phone was out in my car. So, wearing only my swim suit and still being a bit wet, I went out in my driveway just as Ethel was shutting off the mower. She was quite a vision wearing very short shorts and a bikini top, and she was also quite sweaty. She saw me looking at her and said, "I wish I had a pool to cool off in." "Come on over and use ours," I answered. "Okay, I will," she answered. I grabbed my cell phone out of my car, and the two of us headed into my private backyard. We both jumped in the pool. She did some laps while I swam a bit. Mostly, I was trying to hide the fact that she had already gotten me excited. She brushed up against me a couple of times as she was swimming. Then she came up to me and put her hands onto my sides. Gently her lips touched mine with mouth open. She slowly slid her hands down my sides lowering my suit until it was down around my ankles. Well, what could I do other than to kick it off as my hands roamed all over her body? I removed her top and shorts as we kissed passionately. We made love in the pool. We later did it on the deck using the cushions off the lounge chairs. We did it many times that summer. Maybe I'll add a part two later.

— Stewart, 28

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