Rode Her Like A Harley

I just moved back to the east coast after my recent divorce. I did the online thing and met up with this Harley chick. I met her and her friend at a biker bar. This girl had like ten tattoos! Her friend was hotter than her, a fact I just kept to myself. From the looks of us, we came from different worlds, but I didn't care. So, anyway, hours later when we were fairly drunk she asked me, "I thought you were into my friend?" I just lied and said, "No," and kept on working at it. 4:00 a.m. rolled around and she said to me, "Let's go to my place." We got to her place and the clothes just started to fly. I wasn't really attracted to her, but I needed to get laid. She took me up to her bedroom. I did things to her that I wouldn't do to somebody I cared about, but she absolutely loved it! I heard noises come out of her that I didn't think a woman could produce! The sex was awesome. The only problem was that I couldn't have an orgasm because I had too much to drink, but the sex seemed to last for hours. She would not give up until she had completed me. Hours later, I told her to stop. I left shortly after and dodged her phone calls days later.

— Ron, 30

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