Will She Always Ignore Me?

I am a thirty-one-year-old, happily-married man. I met this liar lady on a chat site. A funny and naughty conversation brought us to talking about physical looks. I believe what she said about herself and her sexy stats. I go mad when I visualize her sexy, nude, training body with muscles on her tummy, and broad bums. I try to get hot with her on chat, but she ignores me. That arouses me more. I think about her nude body covered just with a transparent white, satin, cloth sliding down her body. She laughs and tells me to take it easy. But I know she gets turned on while talking to me. Yet she avoids me for whatever reasons. I want to make love to her in my dreams, and run my lips and fingers on her silky skin. Will she ignore me after reading this confession?

— Tiger, 31

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