A Slow Learner

My doctor sent me to one of those offices that take x-rays. When I got there, the approximately thirty-year-old woman x-ray technician told me to take off my clothes below the waste and go wait in the room down the hall. I had to have my knee x-rayed. It was almost closing time, and I was the last patient that evening. I could hear her wish the other patient a good evening. I sat in the x-ray room and waited for her. I had one of those robes on that open in the back. When she came in, she told me that she had to take eight or so different x-rays of my knee in different positions. She told me to climb up on the table and warned me that it might be a little cold on my bare skin. I didn't think anything of it. The first four positions were of my knee flat on the table. Then, she had me bend my knee with my foot flat on the table. This caused my robe to lift off the table, and I was basically completely exposed to her. I was a little embarrassed at first because I thought she saw this all the time. She told me that she didn't usually do knees, so this may take longer than usual so she could get it right. The final four positions all had to be repeated twice each. I knew she was enjoying the show of my open robe and exposed genitals. I wasn't trying to give her a show, but towards the end (I am obviously a slow learner) I realized she was just enjoying the view of my now totally erect genitals. She took an unusually long time to put me in the position and then to position the camera and x-ray target on my knee. She was blatantly looking right at my package. If I would have been smarter, I would have made a comment to her and made a move. I was just so taken back that this gorgeous women was with me in the dark room looking right at my package that I just sat back and enjoyed the attention. She made one last comment as she told me that she was going to be finished up after this last picture. She told me that I had been a great patient and that she would make sure she was there to take more shots if the doctor said that the x-rays didn't turn out. She then winked, told me to hop down, and said she would escort me out. I swung my leg off the table to get down, and she gave my inner thigh a soft pat with her hand and smiled. She didn't bother to leave while I got dressed. She watched every move. I winked at her as I left and told her that If I had to come again that I would make sure I was the last patient again. I have since gone over in my head what I should have done. I am a married man, but if I ever see her again, I am sure I won't have the willpower to say no to her.

— Samuel, 45

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