My Neighbor

I was nineteen, and my neighbor was about twenty. One day, I was working outside, and she asked me to come inside to help her with some stuff. I figured what the hell? So, I went. When I got inside, she called me up to her room because she said it was a desk that needed to be moved. I get up there, and she is wearing a bathrobe. I think nothing of it. Then she started to take it off. Under it was a sexy, lace thong and matching bra. She slid over and rubbed up against me. I got aroused, and she could tell. She pulled off my pants and gave me oral. Than we had the best sex of our lives, three times, over and over again. When we were done, I went outside and finished my work and went home. The next day, we fooled around, but we never did what we did the day before again. Now I have moved and I miss my old neighbor. I wish we could spend another day like the one we shared that summer. It was the greatest of my life. W still keep in touch but nothing like that day. She has a boyfriend now, and I have a girlfriend, but we have never done what my neighbor and I did.

— Lex, 22

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