Porno Movie Come True

When I was still in college, I returned for summer break to discover that our sexy thirty-two-year-old single-mom neighbor had taken a nanny to care for her three young sons. She was a real hottie, a few years older than me, and from the mid-west. We would casually flirt when she was playing outside with the boys. I got to see a lot more of her when the neighbor hired me for some painting jobs around her house. After a few weeks, when the sexual tension got to be too much, I asked the nanny if she ever got time off. She said that she would take casual walks everyday for an hour. I asked if she wanted company, and she invited me along the next day. We chatted and ended up on the topic of sex. I found out she was a wild one back home. She also mentioned that she was interested in me. When we got back, I grabbed her hand and, since my family was all out for the day, I led her to my room where we attacked each other. It was fantastic! This went on for the rest of the summer with sex between us as a daily thing. At the end of the summer, she went back home, and I had just a few weeks left before school started back up. The mom asked me if I would mind occasionally babysitting for her in the evening now that her nanny had left. Since she was so hot, and I wondered if I would be so lucky as to bag her too, I was all for it. The very next Friday, she asked me to come over at six as she was going to dinner with some girlfriends and wanted me to sit. I knocked on the door and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a tiny, little, mini-tank dress that was painted on, and she wore super sexy heels. She asked what I thought, and I blurted out that she should watch it because she might get laid! She gave me a sly grin, kissed her boys, and headed out. At about 1:00 in the morning, I was asleep in the den and heard a commotion at the front door. I flicked off the TV and went to check it out. My neighbor had just stumbled in followed by her best friend. They were both pretty drunk. Her friend was also super hot, dressed the same, and was a gorgeous blonde as my neighbor was a brunette. She explained that her friend would spend the night as she was in no condition to drive. She then asked if I would like a night cap before going home. I said sure, and then showed myself to the bathroom. When I finished, I went to the kitchen, opened the door, and saw the most erotic scene ever. My neighbor and her girlfriend were making out. I watched for a few seconds before they realized I was standing there. My neighbor walked up to me and asked if I still thought she might get laid. Then she started kissing me. Her girlfriend walked over and grabbed me from behind as I made out with my neighbor. She led us into the den where they undressed each other first and then me. We then proceeded to have three-way sex in every imaginable combination and position. It was porno movie sex as I had always fantasized about, and now finally got to experience. And since they were both older, they were very knowledgeable, sexy and slutty at the same time. I never got to repeat that night, but my neighbor and I look at each other in a very knowing way to this day!

— Edwin, 27

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