To Cheer Me Up

I was an awkward teen in high school. I didn't date until late in my senior year. My mother was so happy when I started hanging out with a girl named Amanda. My parents had split when I was little, and Mom was afraid I wouldn't grow up "normal". All was well until two weeks before the school prom when Amanda dumped me. She was so mean about it, saying she had just been playing with me and never really liked me. I was crushed! I didn't leave my room for three days, and Mom didn't know what to do! One hot night, I was in my room feeling very low when my mom came in. She had her best friend with her, and they were both wearing robes. Her friend sat on my bed, and Mom told me to enjoy as she left and shut the door behind her. Her friend told me my mom had told her about Amanda and she wanted to help me. She told me how wonderful I was and that I'd find someone even better. I wasn't buying it. She leaned over and gave me a little kiss and started to rub my stomach. I just laid there and then I noticed her robe was a little open and I could see her breasts. She noticed me looking and gave a little laugh and said, "You like?" I turned red. She told me there was nothing to be embarrassed about. She opened her robe a little more for me and kept rubbing my stomach. I have to admit, I was a little turned on. It wasn't long before it was noticeable that I was. What happened next really shocked me! She told me that she would make me feel better and boy did she!

— Ronald, 22

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