Happiness After Fifty

A few years ago, I stopped by a bar where I sing Karaoke. Upon entering, I noticed a much younger lady checking my entrance. She was gorgeous with long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and large breasts. She was Playboy material. If our eyes hadn't met upon my entrance, I would have just enjoyed looking at this lady. She was so stunningly beautiful. She was sitting with friends, so I didn't immediately talk with her. I did inquire with the bouncer who she was, and he said she had a boyfriend. Not being one to give up, I waited. The first time she got up to go to the ladies' room, I took the opportunity to say hello and strike up a conversation. We exchanged email addresses and started corresponding along with small talk at the bar when I would run into her. I could see she was more than casually interested, but she still was living with her boyfriend. Finally, the day came when the boyfriend screwed up and kicked her out. She found temporary lodging. The next time I saw her, she gave me her new phone number. To condense this story, a few weeks later she moved in my spare room no strings attached. Eventually, within a week or two, we had sex. I had found the lady of my dreams. Neither of us wanted to get married or have kids, but we fell in love. I was on cloud nine. A few months went by, and she came to me and wanted to have a baby with me. I was floored. I had a son a year older than her and thought my child rearing days were over. Not so. We now have a fifteen-month-old son who is the light of our lives (we got married). She tells me daily how grateful she is that I took her away from the bar scene and showed her how much fun children can be with the right attitude and person to share the experience. There are many younger women looking for an older man to treat them right as the younger guys seem to be into themselves too much. If you think you have to have money, not so. I work every day and we live like many others paycheck to paycheck. I am the happiest man alive.

— Carlton, 54

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