Too Soon

My boyfriend surprised me one night by taking out a blindfold he had bought. I like doing different things, so I agreed. He put it on me and I laid on the bed. He began rubbing his hands all over my body and I got really horny. I kept begging him to do more and finally I felt his tongue enter my pussy. He rarely gives me oral, so it was a surprise. As his tongue stroked my clit, I felt my cum squirting out. Usually, he withdraws his mouth at that point, but this time he kept on going and it was wild. He brought me to the brink of another orgasm and then whispered in my ear, "Baby, can I fuck you?" I was so hot right then, I didn't care what he did as long as he didn't stop. I told him yes and felt his dick slide into me. It went in so deep! He began pumping himself into me and then said, "Baby, can I cum in you?" Again, I wanted him to never stop it felt so good, so I said yes. He began moving faster and faster until I was screaming in ecstasy and orgasms. I felt his dick spasm and the heat of his juice inside me. After what felt like hours, he rolled off me and kissed me. I took off my blindfold to find it was my boyfriend's best friend Mike lying naked and spent beside me. My boyfriend was sitting in a chair beside the bed, also naked, and stroking his dick fast and hard. He smiled, got up, and mounted me. For the second time in a few minutes, I felt his dick slide in. He was so excited that he came in a couple of minutes and his juice joined Mike's in me. That was my first threesome and we all liked it so much, Mike ended up moving in. Now we are talking about adding one of my girlfriends to our sex party.

— Holly, 24

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